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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Title: The Island of Lote by Emily Kinney


Emily Kinney has written an amazing teen romantic comedy book that takes place on a tropical island. It is such an amazing read and should be read by all who is interested in teen romantic comedy!

The main character is a sassy fourteen-year-old named Milo Hestler. She, through unfortunate and unforeseeable events, becomes stranded on an island. The first person who finds her, a hot boy named Simon Swallow, can’t speak English, and so they can’t communicate well. He proposes to her, and by accident she says yes. When she learns what’s happened, and that the island laws say she can’t break off the engagement, she is furious and determined to make Simon as miserable as she is.

To check out this amazing book, head over Here for more information!
Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Title: Zeekler Penny Auctions


Welcome to Zeeker Penny Auctions where everything is at least 90% off of retail prices.
Zeekler is the #1 Penny Auction site on the internet, incredible deals! Electronics, Jewelry and Gifts are just the start!

To prove it, Zeekler is GIVING AWAY FREE BIDS TO GET STARTED! Yes, no obligation to check out the best penny auction site on the web.
Sunday, 8 January 2012
Local Mobile Monopoly - Harness the
True Potential of Local Marketing


With the Local Mobile Monopoly gig, you will be able to learn how to truly harness the power of local Mobile business marketing and be gifted with the ability to generate money & profit from setting up your own portfolio of local Mobile business easily with the numerous functions done through the simple process and techniques supplied by Local Mobile Monopoly.

Simply head over to Fiverr grab your chance now before its too late.

Product Insight:

So head on over now to Fiverr and grab your chance now to be able to generate auto-pilot profits using the functions supplied by Local Mobile Monopoly! Grab it now before its too late!
Wednesday, 30 November 2011

USB Foot Warmer


The soft USB Foot Warmer will keep you warm this winter while on skype to friends or just sitting around with your laptop.

Works wonders especially for a long time at work you can use the usb foot warmer as it will not be noticed under the office desk.

Will work in any usb interface with power supply.

The temperature is continuous.

Plug the usb cable into your computers USB port, It will heat in 30 second the heat-chip is rapid and warming to 45 °

Remove from the usb after every use. This will also extend the working life of the product.

Machine washable.

In the back of the foot warmer remove the heat pack. They are also a lovely pillow which you could use while you wait.

Size 30 x 30 x 18 x

Happy Foot Warming


Get your's Today over at thefemalebrand website and be amazed at how happy and cuddly your feet will be :)
Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fiverr Gig Information:

Note: Please Note you are paying for my time and effort in linking you to already existing contents on the internet. In no way are you purchasing the product from me or its source. This gig is clearly for the supplied knowledge only.

March 2011 HOT Leak: Mobile Monopoly offers the First Integrated Opportunity into Mobile Marketing and is by far the best mobile marketing course currently out there. In fact, it is the only one of its kind, which goes to show how under exposed this market really is. You will get The FULL Mobile Monopoly Course and Also the Premium Essential Software (BeastMobi) which normally doesn't come included and Must be purchased Seperately. However for Only $5, you get Everything!

Mobile Monopoly is a FULL Course which goes indept on ALL the possible areas needed to start making a healthy income from the growing and expanding markets on the mobile platform. Normally this course sells for $77+ depending on where you obtain it from but you can yourself a FULL working Copy for Only $5!

Whats best is that this $5 includes a FREE copy of BeastMobi! Why is this good you might say? Because BeastMobi is an upsell After you purchase Mobile Monopoly. This means that, the first $77 you spend to purchase Mobile Monopoly Does NOT include the VITAL software (BeastMobi) that is needed to automate most of the process and make creating campaigns much more easier. Normally you will have to pay an addtional $40+ for the software. So to summarise:

Mobile Monopoly: $77+
BeastMobi: $40+
Grand Total: $117+

This Fiverr Gig:
Mobile Monopoly (FULL Version): $5
BeastMobi (FULL Version): FREE
Grand Total: Only $5
So as you can see, you will get everything that is needed for Only $5 instead of the retail prices of over $100. This really is a steal and should be acted upon quickly before the fixes are found! Act NOW and secure yourself a copy of this amazing course for a fraction of its retail price!

Mobile Monopoly Overview:

Mobile Monopoly Video Courses:

At first once inside the members area the information seen may be a little too much to take in all at once. Watching the introductory video will put everything into perspective and give you a lay out of how to get the most out of the course, and most importantly what action to take next and get started as fast as possible.

The full course consists of “all video” tutorials broken down in 10 sequential modules. Each module is geared toward a specific theme to make it easier to navigate the course.

Additionally, there are numerous updated campaigns and case studies which show you the campaigns that have already proved to make money. This way, you can just (if you are feeling lazy) to just copy what is in the case studies and replicate its success with no work other than copying the steps in the MANY campaigns and case studies!

BeastMobi Software Tool:

The BeastMobi tool is NOT included in the initial purchase of Mobile Monopoly and can only be obtained through purchasing it seperately. However it is highly recommended as it makes the whole process and creation ALOT more simpler and efficient!

Pretty much BeastMobi is a tool that will automatically generate high converting mobile optimized campaigns for lead generation, CPA offers, or any other type other offer you’d like to promote on mobile phones.

It also offers many more features including mobile optimized squeeze pages, mobile banners, text message marketing, and much more! BeastMobi tracks all your campaigns and provides detailed statistics of your campaign allowing you to make tweaks for higher conversions!

All you do is place your mobile optimized campaign (created by BeastMobi) and run it on a mobile advertising platform!

Ultimately BeastMobi will provide a turn-key solution allowing users to submit campaigns directly from the site saving them a lot of time.In a nutshell, BeastMobi is going to revolutionize mobile marketing and allow ANYONE to get involved and set up campaigns even if they’re complete newbies online. BeastMobi is finally simplifying the way we market on mobile phones!

Additionally, a new feature that was just added is now it’s setup where you can send someone to a squeeze page and then when they enter their email they are redirected to an email submit with their email address pre populated in the CPA offer so they just gotta click submit and you got the lead and the cash! All on their cell phone.

Final Thoughts:

Mobile Monopoly is really the only complete course on mobile marketing that truly over delivers.

In fact, Tim (partner of Mobile Monopoly) has mentioned earlier on gmail chat about the pricing of Mobile Monopoly. And he said that him and Adam had a lot of conversations concerning the price of Mobile Monopoly, and so they decided to make the course as affordable as possible for everyone ($77 for the course with an extra $40+ to make life easier [BeastMobi]).

However obviously You can grab yourself a bargain and obtained ALL of the above which includes the FULL Course of Mobile Monopoly and the amazing One of its kind BeastMobi Software for Only $5 which is a fraction of its retail price and of the Killing Profits which you will be making from it!

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Fiverr Gig Information:

I will teach you where to find Scrapebox Domination Ultimate Guide for Scrapebox users for only $5. We all know the amazing features that scrapebox has to offer but do we all know how to utilise the features and hidden features within scrapebox to its MAX Potential?

With Scrapebox Domination Ultimate package, you will have access to 9 Indepth and Detailed Videos plus a Maxed out loaded PDF of how to use Scrapebox to Max out its full potentials!

This indepth Guide is a Must have for Scrapebox users and no Scrapebox user should go without it. This really is the Ultimate Guide to scrapebox! Gets yours today for ONLY $5 which is a fraction of the retail price of $37+! This is a great Steal for any Scrapebox user that really want to start making money online!

Scrapebox Domination Overview:

With the usage of ScrapeBox, It lets you find an endless supply of places to obtain links and boost my sites up the rankings for their desired keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

As such, Scrapebox Domination was compiled to offer a bunch of videos and a PDF guide outlining the best ways to utilise ScrapeBox in both a time efficient and effective manner.

The first component of "ScrapeBox Domination" is a video series detailing each of the components of ScrapeBox and how to use them effectively.

- There are 9 videos in total, as follows;

  • Video 1 - Introduction and Proxy Set Up - 4.54 minutes.
  • Video 2 - Scraping High PR Forums - 4.54 minutes.
  • Video 3 - Automated Blog Commenting - 19.05 minutes.
  • Video 4 - ScrapeBox "Ping Mode" - 5.04 minutes.
  • Video 5 - Trackbacks - 4.18 minutes.
  • Video 6 - RSS Submission - 2.52 minutes.
  • Video 7 - Analysing Competitors Backlinks - 6.29 minutes.
  • Video 8 - ScrapeBox Add Ons - 3.55 minutes.
  • Video 9 - Miscellaneous - 4.36 minutes.

- Additionally, there is also a second component that compliments the videos, "ScrapeBox Domination" the eBook.

- The contents of the E-Book are as follows;

  • Introduction - A basic intro of what to expect - pg 4-5.
  • Video Summaries - A summary of all of the videos and a recap of the most important points from each - pg 5-10.
  • Profile Links - How to find thousands upon thousands of high PR forums that you can create accounts at and get back links from. pg 10-25.
  • Blog Commenting - How I found in excess of 15,000 PR 5-9 blog pages that allow comments using ScrapeBox. You'll never struggle to find high PR blogs to comment on after this section. pg 25-37.
  • Resources - A list of my favourite resources and tools that compliment ScrapeBox. pg 37-38.

Get your Copy now for only $5 instead of the usual $37+! It is a Excellent Steal and should be grabbed while you can! This Guide will help you completely dominate Scrapebox and to Max out its Full Potential! Grab your copy now over at Fiverr by visiting Here!

Additionally, check out other complimenting Gigs like the Autoblog Samurai that will let you gain passive income to your blog all on Auto-pilot as easy as clicking a button! Its a dream come true where you just set up a blog and let it gain money all by itself automatically!
Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fiverr Information:

I will give life to any of your or your friends pictures and make them move around resulting in a fabulous and amazing effect that turns a simple picture into one that has life and a mind of its own.

Now is your chance to turn simple pictures into ones that have a different purpose and meaning to them! I can also include a message which will be a great gift idea! Check out the Video for example works.

This really is a unique gift for birthdays, special events or even just for a random present for a friend.

This gig is really unique and different and will amaze the person receiving it as a present guaranteed!

Check out this Gift Idea over at Fiverr now and Make your love ones/ friends Happy!

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